Barley fish soup

Barley fish soup
Very simple soup. We cook and enjoy!

1 b canned sardine
3-4 pcs. potatoes
1 PC. bow
1 PC. carrot
0.5 stack barley
bay leaves, peppercorns
salt, spices

We put a pot of water on the stove, salt, bring to a boil. Lower barley, make medium heat, cook.

We clean the potatoes, cut them into cubes, rub the carrots on a coarse grater, finely chop the onions.

We send the potatoes to barley, cook the potatoes until ready. Fry onions and carrots.

We break the fish into pieces of the desired size.

Fried onions with carrots and canned fish lay in a pan. Then, pepper and lavrushka, salt.

Cook all together for 10-15 minutes. Check the readiness of pearl barley.

The soup is ready! Bon Appetit!